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The Spirituality of Sacred Space & Shared Words

This past Sunday, September 24th, I sat with Leslie Laird and 9 other intrepid souls as we explored creative ways to journal. The experience was to be, in my mind, simply to be a connective exercise where we learned new ways to express our thoughts and feelings to the person who is most often our harshest critic, ourselves.

Outside of the insightful exercises that called for us to question outward perceptions, self judgements and marvel at the beauty of nature we also received an unexpected lesson; the depth and breadth of diversity of thought that comes from being present and truly listening to another persons thoughts. Those little snippets of inner dialogue were shared (as each person was willing), and it turned into such a beautiful experience. We learned so much about ourselves and one another.

Leslie gently nudged our self perceptions and encouraged us to stretch a little beyond where we were, so that we might reach a little deeper and gain greater insight.

It was a lovely class and I am greatly anticipating the next one in November where she will explore Journaling for the Holidays.


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