Spirituality Of Making

The Spirituality Of Making

Thank you for looking into The Spirituality of Making. I was inspired to curate this program by the many wonderful talented people I have met at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster. Initially I thought to call the program “Preserving The Fading Arts”. I thought that name was fitting because of all of the many talents that our parents and grandparents once handed down to us are now often lost because of distance, time and sometimes just will. I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity for our many talented members to share with the rest of the church and even the community at large the things that should be passed on.

Through listening to their stories I heard how much making means to them. For some it was peace, others a release still others found it a valuable means of expression of who they are in the world. The idea that they could create something and even when they are not present, they had a voice.

Beyond the process there is the meditative state that comes with being engrossed in a creative project. The idea of making something being spiritual isn’t really that hard to relate. It is easy to see how time has slipped away and how your hunger for anything else has evaporated.

We hope that through the programs offered this coming church year you will find a little bit of your voice as well. Think of each event as a process art. A place where you can experiment and try new things. No one will expect you to be good, just to enjoy the process.

If you have crafting, sewing, woodworking, tools or anything for making that you are no longer making use of, please think of donating it to the Spirituality of Making. Items not used for our programing will either be used in future programs or be donated to Creative Reuse.


Here are some of the programs we will offer this church year in the Spirituality of Making:

More will be added in the coming weeks and months!

There are no upcoming events.

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