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The UUCL Web & Wheel and Labyrinth

Web & Wheel is a UUCL ministry founded in 1998 by church members. It is based in earth spirituality, a concept arising from the understanding that we are not separate from nature, but ARE nature. The Earth is sacred and its spirituality is universal and inclusive. This ministry honors the earth by offering celebrations of the Wheel of the Year, educational gatherings and a community of practicing pagans and those seeking clarity for ways to nurture their personal paths of faith. Currently, Web & Wheel sponsors eight earth holiday services, opportunities for education and practices to support these traditions. The Web symbolizes the interdependent connection in the web of life. The Wheel is an icon of life and death forever cycling in nature.
The two UUCL labyrinths in Founders’ Hall were created by numerous church members in 1995 and 2001. The seven circuit pattern is embedded into the floor for a meditative walking path. The eleven circuit canvass is laid on special occasions. The permanent labyrinth is open regularly on First Sundays to adults, families and youth for a spiritual experience that brings an ancient and global practice and healing tool into present use. This is a personal path toward wholeness to bring the inner wisdom into focus. The inner power of our spirit can be ignited, inspired and nurtured on this journey to the soul.
Contact Heather Gehron-Rice or Linda Dobbins for further information.

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