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Web & Wheel Blog: Fall Equinox at Mabon

Submitted by Linda Dobbins


On Sat., Sept. 23 at 2:49 am, this year’s Fall Equinox begins the season of Mabon. The symbol of the
Sunwheel or Sonnenrad , from the ancient Norse culture, is a prehistory solar sign representing the sun’s
life-giving energy. This Sunwheel also honors Beaivi, the sun goddess of the indigenous European Sami
tribe. The god Odin is another Norse solar deity. This energy cycle diminishes slowly until the Winter
Solstice. The Mabon season is a powerful time to recognize, rebalance, restore the natural cycles of our
organic lives: growth, harvest, death, rebirth. For humans, the significance of this day is to insure and
bring Balance into your days. To not be identified with this or that-just to sit and throb with LIFE. Go
within, empty out space, composting old ideas to make room for new creativity and matured visions.

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