Walters Grants

Walters Trust Awards January Cycle 2024

The following Walters grants were awarded during the January cycle 2024. The Walters Grants committee consists of George Kerekgyarto (chr), BeBe Farmer, Bradden Weaver, Cindy Foster-Clark, Kelsey Dewar Schaeffer and Gene Homan, Walters Trustee representative.


  1. Wittel Farm Growing Project. Submitted by Mathew Lenahan. The request is for monies to purchase seeds, plants, greenhouse supplies to provide fresh grown foods to families in need. Most of the activity occurs at the Wittel Farm and provides a place for participants to gather in a camp setting to work on the various garden projects that occur. Requested Amount: $5000. Funded amount: $5,000.
  2. Justice for Peace. Submitted by David Dobbins. This is a social reception for residents of Willow Valley retirement community to promote justice, nurture community, and activate UU principles including the UUCL mission in Lancaster County. UUCL has increased their membership from the previous reception. Residents new to the area are looking for a connection. Rev. Joan Sabatino will be the guest speaker describing the activities UUJusticePA and how interested party’s can become involved. Requested Amount: $1500. Funded amount: $1500.
  3. Homefields Media Support. Submitted by Linda Strauss. Homefields Care Farm is committed to using farming and the natural environment as therapeutic interventions for everyone and offer employment and vocational training to people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations. To maintain Homefields current network of support and develop new audiences funding is being requested for social media costs, promotional materials, banners, Printed T-shirts and sweatshirts. The all volunteer staff maintains the website and does as much of the advertising at minimal cost as possible. Requested Amount: $7000.00. Funded amount: $3500. It was recommended that they focus their advertising on social media and not print or clothing.
  4. Ephrata Public Library, Submitted by Stephanie Owsiany. Requesting funds to enhance our public programming, including Financial Literacy, Health Literacy, and supplies for our Nutrition Literacy. Requested amount: $12,000.00 Funded amount: $6000. It was recommended to focus on the books needed and not the financial and health services.
  5. Providing Free Fresh Milk, Submitted by Brad Peterson. Power Packs program is trying to include milk in it’s free meal packs for families. In the past milk was provided when available but now the program wants to make it part of the meal packs. Requested amount: $10,000. Funded amount: $2000.
  6. Domestic Violence Services Safe House Room Transition. Submitted by Kristy Aurand. The safe house provided private lounge areas during covid. Since covid the need for more rooms has grown. The request for funding involves turning these lounge areas into bedrooms. Requested Amount: $27,160.00. Funded amount: $10,000.00. It was recommended to focus on bedding and perhaps use $2000 per room.

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