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Web & Wheel Blog: Yule 2022 at UUCL

Submitted by Linda Dobbins

Rebirth is near, on the horizon, next week! The coming of lighter days as the Wheel turns from waning to waxing, dark to light when Winter Solstice or Yule, meaning The Wheel, rolls up on Wed. Dec. 21, 2022. UUCL will celebrate that night at 7:00pm in the Lancaster County Central Park. It will be cold. It will be dark. So huddle together to create warmth and togetherness under the moon and stars while encouraging the arrival of a new season. Time to plant seeds, rest and settle in for colder months to come. At this earth holiday, we honor the cycle of life and death and the battle between dark and light. The Battle of the Trees, King Holly and King Oak is a myth of the evergreens relinquishing the crown to the flowering trees as the light is reborn. Yule is a time of reflection, looking inward and finding the wealth of wisdom and rewards. Come to Winter Solstice in the Park!

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