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2019-20 Annual Report

Report to the Congregation

  • The Operating fund ended the fiscal year with a surplus of $23,876 due to staffing vacancies and the church closure in March.
  • The Operating fund had a cash balance of $137,226 at June 30 which includes the proceeds of a $46,300 loan under the PPP program. The church expects that this loan will be substantially forgiven.
  • With the surpluses in FY 2020 ($23,876) and FY 2019 ($16,972) and the expected PPP loan forgiveness ($46,300)—all together totaling $87,148—the church is well positioned to execute its staffing plan and pursue related growth initiatives.
  • On the other hand, current year pledge commitments of $264,500 are significantly lagging budgeted pledge commitments of $300,000. While our current year expenses continue to run below budget and offset the pledge shortfall at this time, there is a structural deficit in revenues that needs to be addressed for the long term.

Jonas Kauffman, Treasurer

Here is the report as a pdf file:

2019-2020 Annual Financial Report

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