Honoring Our Beloved Dead

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Sunday Service, Nov. 1
Celebration of Our Beloved Dead

Remembering Those Who Have Come Before

During our service on Sunday, you are invited to gather at your hearths, kitchen tables, and comfy couches with special blankets to remember the ancestors. You are also invited to create an altar of remembrance.

Preparing for Sunday

This week, we invite you to take some time to gather pictures, names, objects, food, etc that remind you of the people and animals who you have loved and lost, and who you wish to remember. These do not have to be blood relatives, and they can be anyone you consider part of your spiritual family of ancestors.

You are invited to create or add to your home sacred space or altar with these objects, and to join the service by your sacred space. There will be an opportunity during the service for you to share your altar/objects with others.

Modeling Sacred Space Making at Home

Lately, many of us at UUCL have been finding and making sacred spaces in our lives. You may have a worship-making Wonder Box with special items from UUCL, or have your own altar practice. This week’s practice of remembering our beloved dead is what we have been making these sacred spaces for: to help us honor what is sacred.

Please click on this link for a SPECIAL VIDEO MESSAGE from our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Lenore Bajare-Dukes, as she shows us how she is making sacred space to remember the ancestors this week.

It is times like these when we need spiritual practices more than ever. How will you find time and space in your regular life to re-connect to what is most important in life?

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