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Upcoming Events and Worship
Friday October 30, 2020
November 1, 2020 SUNDAY SERVICES

Remembering Those Who Have Come Before

This Sunday, we will be honoring the ancestors, both blood relatives as well as anyone you consider part of your spiritual family.

Preparing for the Sunday Service

You will be invited to create and share an altar of remembrance during the service. So take some time this week to gather pictures, names, objects, food, etc that remind you of the people and animals who you have loved and lost, and who you wish to remember.

You will also be invited to participate in creating a display of the tree of life, so you are encouraged to bring a few branches, twigs, or greenery with you to the services.

Join Via Zoom:

Or join by phone: (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 966 2373 9683
Password: 71717

SHARE THE PLATE for this month is Reach out and Read, giving Lancaster County children the gift of books so they can reach out and read. Early literacy is a prescription for success. Click on the link above for more information.

Modeling Sacred Space Making at Home
Lately, many of us at UUCL have been finding and making sacred spaces in our lives. You may have a worship-making Wonder Box with special items from UUCL, or have your own altar practice. This week’s practice of remembering our beloved dead is what we have been making these sacred spaces for: to help us honor what is sacred.

Please click on the photo above for a SPECIAL VIDEO MESSAGE from our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Lenore Bajare-Dukes, as she shows us how she is making sacred space to remember the ancestors this week.

It is times like these when we need spiritual practices more than ever. How will you find time and space in your regular life to re-connect to what is most important in life?

Open Zen Buddhist Meditation Group

6 P.M. See this weekly sitting link:

Adult Faith Development
Things may be happening very quickly this election season, on and after November 3rd. I encourage you to stay tuned to UU the Vote and Side With Love for updates on UU responses to current events, as well as to our own church newsletter.

Below are three opportunities to gather your spirit with others before, during, and after Election Day:

Pre-Election Lancaster Interfaith Coalition Prayer Vigil for Our Country
Monday, November 2, 2020 at 6 PM EST – 8 PM EST
An interfaith, non-partisan prayer vigil led by our own UUCL staff and friends in Lancaster, focusing on our collective values and faith traditions to pray for our country. This is our sixth vigil together in what has become an annual event. This year, we will be holding space for love across difference, protection of marginalized communities, and justice in our world.

UU Election Day-Long Prayers and Spiritual Practices
Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 12 pm to 10 pm Eastern Time
A drop-in space for spiritual practices and reflections, co-led by UU ministers across the country. Come reflect and share space with other Unitarian Universalists.

Post-Election Vigil & Community Gathering
Hosted by Unitarian Universalist Association and Side with Love
No matter the results of the election this year, we know we will want to gather in community. Please save the date and join the UUA, UU the Vote, Side with Love, and UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray for this event. Hosted on Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube.

Moment of Anti-Racist Reflection:

Better Together Blog: DARKNESS and LIGHT: Updated Personal Perspectives

by Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how tired I am of hearing words that include black, dark, and more, used in a negative way even as we proclaim that Black Lives Matter.

Let’s look at the word “Dark.””

Read the rest of the article

Soul Matters

We are still seeking a new facilitator for a Soul Matters group. Are you someone who loves to listen deeply and can help a group of people interact? Please contact Lenore this week to learn more. You will receive training in the Soul Matters method and Zoom, and ongoing support in the form of monthly Soul Matters facilitator meetings. Many people find that facilitating a Soul Matters group is a deeply meaningful way of connecting and serving. Find out if this is right for you.

Following up on the theme of last week’s service on deeply listening to warning signs of violence and repression this election season as well as to what calls us to respond with courage to protect what we love and value, two resources:
• Use this asset mapping tool to support defending the election and to prepare for ways to respond to community needs and potentially dangerous scenarios after the election. Here is a companion video explaining the tool.
Sign up for other faith development resources to support you in “Heeding the Call.” !

Open Table is open again!

We are meeting each Sunday at 3 PM. There is both an in-person group and a concurrent Zoom option. The current book being presented by Tom Barninger is The Authentic Letters of Paul. Please contact Bob Loftin if you have questions. You can join by Zoom with this link:
Meeting ID: 868 4193 9256
Passcode: 312578

By phone:
1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 868 4193 9256
Passcode: 312578

Children’s Faith Development
UUCL is here to help keep a sense of holiday traditions, while still keeping as safe as possible from COVID-19. We are opening up our sidewalk space between 6-7PM on Halloween for a chance to show off your costumes, take a photo at a photo booth, and grab some treats. Open to the whole neighborhood and members and friends!
Church Life & Announcements
Follow-up on the Mission & Visioning Workshop

A huge thank you to everyone for participating in our Congregational workshop last Sunday. We are pleased to have generated so many inspiring visions that will show us the way for the future of UUCL! Rev. Israel and the Board are in the process of determining the next steps in the process. A task force will be charged with organizing the amazing ideas generated during the workshop, and they will be made available for the congregation to submit feedback at each step in the process.

We will keep you informed at each step along the way as we work towards developing a strong sense of mission for our congregation!

Carole Campbell, President of the Board of Trustees
Rev. Israel

Samhain Celebration
Join us for the annual Web and Wheel Samhain Ritual this Saturday, October 31 at 7 p.m. Although we cannot gather in person, we will be together via zoom (the link is at the bottom of this e-mail). We will honor the ancestors and our Beloved Dead.

Although this is a new medium for ritual, we want to make this the same sacred experience that you have experienced at other Web and Wheel rituals. Here are some things we will be doing and some tips –

-Make a sacred space for yourself. You can light candles, have out photos of your Beloved Dead, have an altar of sacred objects. Dress in ritual clothing if you so desire.
-Sign on to zoom 5-10 minutes before 7 p.m. That way you will be able to get settled in and not stress about last minute tech issues.
-Be sure you are comfortable. We will be doing a meditation journey to the Isle of Avalon during the ritual, so make sure you can be comfortably seated. Have a shawl or blanket nearby for warmth if needed. Also have some water if you think you will need some during ritual.
-At the end of the ritual, we will have time when people can visit. If we were in person we would be feasting, so feel free to have some good snacks for yourself during that time. It is a great way to get grounded after the ritual.
-You will be muted as you enter the zoom ritual space. To preserve the sacredness of the ritual, we will turn off the chat feature on zoom at the beginning of the ritual and then turn it back on once we have opened the circle at the end. If you have technical issues during the ritual, you will still be able to use chat to contact the tech person.
– Although you will be on mute during the ritual, please sing along with the chant and feel free to move as you would like during that time as well.
-If possible, have your video on so we are able to see each other in community.

I am so looking forward to this and very happy to be joining you all from afar.

Linda Kinney
Heather Gehron-Rice

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 999 4183 5557
Passcode: 197337

Dial by phone
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)

Meeting ID: 999 4183 5557
Passcode: 197337
Find your local number:

Do you want to help protect the democratic process? UU the Vote has created this Asset Mapping Tool for congregations to use, along with this video conversation to guide you as you begin or deepen discussions about how your congregation can prepare to show up in bold, concrete ways. You can also find connection and support for this work by joining Rev. Ashley Horan for a “Ready and Resilient” session (sign up for October 30, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT) focused on offering support and strategy to congregations. Join a group of UUCL members and staff who plan to attend.
The 2020 Labyrinth season is open to the UUCL community!

Each month we will offer information about labyrinth walking, virtual resources and a recommendation for visiting a local labyrinth. We will continue in this manner through spring 2021 or until W. Chestnut opens!

The purpose for walking a labyrinth is meditative walking. You cannot get lost in a labyrinth. It is a spiraling pathway leading to a center and back out. It is a safe and healing place for quieting a restless mind. All that is required is to walk and focus on your breathing while you follow a clear path. This is concentrated power where you can heal, find balance in your life, restore energy, release stressors and find wholeness.

A Labyrinth Visit: All recommended sites are free, open to the public, easy parking, family friendly and outside. This month we direct you to the eleven circuit labyrinth at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 301 St. Thomas Road, Lancaster. This is just off the Oregon Pike – beyond the city limits. The church property is at the end of the road and the labyrinth is in open area behind the church. It is large and very spacious and wide open to the surrounding fields.
Virtual resources: (1)Ted Talk: Walking the Labyrinth, A Meditation. (2)You Tube Video: Walking the Labyrinth at Edgar Cayces A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, Va. (3)www: Walking a Labyrinth, A Spiritual Exercise at

From Artful Living Committee

We are all missing this place we call our UUCL building (home)! We thought you would want to see that some new chalices will await our arrival whenever the time is right for us to be back face to face!
The Artful Living Committee purchased these for use during our various meetings and informal gatherings.

Tech Volunteer Opportunities Galore!

We are looking for a task force to examine the church phone system and research alternatives. No face-to-face meetings necessary. UUCL pays several thousand per year to own the current system.

We are also looking for people interested in researching how to move UUCL to Google’s Gsuite. This research should be extra fun, because it’s so Googly! And if you want to learn more about Google Docs and all that stuff for your own self, why not learn it while doing research for the church?
Qualifications required for either task force: The willingness to respond with “yes, I’m willing to attend the first meeting.”

Email itgroup to get sucked in to more than you bargained for.

Recent Walters Trust Grants for the Fall Cycle

The Committee (George Kerekgyarto, Cindy Spotts, Tim Harkleroad, Judy Hurlbut and Marian Joyce) recently granted four of the five grants submitted. The following list includes those funded and funding amounts.

1. UUCL becoming a contributing congregation to UUJusticePA. Submitted by Stephanie Santiago, Awarded$1,375.00

2. Build a network of congregations in support of nonpartisan UU agenda in Harrisburg. Submitted by Rev. Joan Sabatino of the UUJustice of PA organization. Awarded $9,800.00

3. Lancaster County Meals-Technology Program, submitted by Kate Good of the Parish Resource Center, received $7035.00

4. Resources for scheduling and delivering virtual and hybrid events, submitted by Alan Jacobs. Awarded $10,000.00.

The next application cycle will accept grants from Dec.15 to Dec. 31st. 2020.

New Form for Submitting Announcements

Introducing an easy way for you to submit announcements to be read aloud during worship! We welcome announcements from members and friends of UUCL about programs of the church and connected events in the community. Please fill out and submit this form by noon on Saturday:

From your Board of Trustees

Here is a link to see the Final Financial Report for 2019-20. Please enjoy at your leisure! Please direct any questions to our Treasurer, Jonas Kauffman, at jonaskauffman. He can answer questions or forward them to the appropriate body.

See the report here:

Please submit all ACE announcements to by 9 am Tuesday.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster | 538 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, PA 17603

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