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From The UUCL Mural Taskforce

The UUCL Mural Taskforce is grateful and glad to announce the receipt of a $10,000 grant from Walters Trust to advance its mural project with a target installation date of summer 2022.

This generous award will be used to cover:

  1. the work of the mural’s conceptual creator, Gerri McCritty (, that is now well underway. The artist’s expenses include consultation time, new concept sketches (inspired by congregation feedback), black & white and color revised sketches, a color canvas painting of the final product, and UUCL’s ownership of mural’s artistic-intellectual concept.

  1. a sizeable down payment toward the work of the mural’s actual installer, Matt Chapman, from Two Dudes Painting Company ( Expenses in this area include the development of the artist’s rendering for larger wall mural application, exterior preparation including wall cleaning and treatment, and material, equipment, labor, and insurance.

Presently, Two Dudes has provided an estimated range of costs which will become more precise as more mural details are finalized. Therefore, it remains to be seen if any additional fund raising will be needed to complete the 2022 installation.

Next steps:

The task force plans to have revised sketches to show the congregation at a virtual Town Hall in March. Our Chestnut Hill neighbors will also be invited to this virtual review of the artwork. Also, when spring weather permits, an outdoor congregational event will be planned to meet and greet the artist and see her sketches showcased on easels.

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