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The Wheel Of The Year: September-December

Submitted by Linda Dobbins of Web & Wheel

Earth Spirituality honors the change, progress and ending of the seasons, called The Wheel of the Year.
In September, the Fall Equinox or Mabon occurs closing out summer and ushering in autumn. The
weather cools, the light wanes, the plants retreat into renewal .Tree and shrub leaves’ chemistry causes
leaf colors to emerge and then drop while annual plants die and perennials shift into a phase of storing
energy. Through November, daylight shortens and the air becomes crisp. Animals seek shelter or
migrate and plants go into decline. By December, the earth has transformed into a leafless, cold, and
darkened landscape. Moisture arrives in a variety of ways as rain, ice or snow as it continues to
nurture the living world. Bright sun is welcome and night settles in softly as the stars shine and the
moon glows while life rests, renews and building energy for a new growth. We are in this cycle life must
travel, continuously. The end is the beginning, there is no light without the dark, there is no life without
death. We are grateful, we honor, we celebrate; all are interconnected in this web of life.

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