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Wheel Of The Year: Waning Fall

Submitted by Linda Dobbins

November wanes as Fall deepens and pushes further toward Winter. The season sharpens with bitter air, lusty winds and a lowering sun. Leaves are blown and trees’ silhouettes show stark and graceful. Frost and flakes are of the moment, grounded or free flying. Holidays of gratitude and abundance capture us while flora and fauna prepare, nourish and build to insure life everlasting. Evergreen’s rule the scene, scent the air, accent with red berries popping among the soft pines and prickly cedars. Green shades galore beside russets, bronzes or crimson become Fall décor. This time is bittersweet as well as expectant. Spirits will be fed by letting go, dropping into your heart space as the seasons and nature carry you into December’s Winter. Blessed Be.


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