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Web & Wheel and Labyrinth Spring Warm Up

Week of 3/21-27/2022

WEB & WHEEL welcomed the Spring Equinox or Ostara at the Sunday outdoor service last week. In the northern hemisphere, this earth holiday signals the balance of dark and light thus, the beginning of a new season, Spring. The start of the season of growing light and waning dark provides more sunlight to the awakening earth and its flora and fauna. We rejoice in this turn of the Wheel that will strengthen our Web of interconnectedness, sustenance and dependence. We are Nature and the Earth is our Mother.

Week of 3/28-4/3

The Wheel of the Year is the earth spirituality symbol for the continuous change of seasons. At intervals of six weeks, a new nature cycle rolls forward and we experience the earth’s response to the shifting solar positions. The sun provides increasing light and heat. Spring is now preparing for the earth energies to burst out, spread its radiance and bathe us in Her newly gained powers of resurgence. WEB and WHEEL at UUCL is marking the weeks as the season intensifies and draws near the next holiday.

Weeks of 4/4 and 4/11

WEB & WHEEL celebrates the season of Rebirth in nature during the weeks of mid-April. We witness buds, blooms and bursts of color. The air turns fresh with the release of deep waters as earthy smells signal a softening and loosening of energies. Roots push up and out and the Mother of Us All wears a flowering crown. Spring is glorious and renews faith and purpose in our daily lives.

Week of 4/18-24

Spring accelerates earth toward change. WEB & WHEEL prepares to celebrate the progress as the earth readies its potential for fertility. The ground is green, water nourishes, air warms, the sun shines. Spring is launching Her best dress while animals become restless and plants sprout buds, flowers to seed. The Green Man, as the symbol of rebirth and new growth and Persephone, the goddess of Spring gathers Herself in the Underworld. Change is upon us, change is good, change transforms. Beltane is on deck!

Week of 4/25-5/1

WED & WHEEL at UUCL presents Beltane on Sunday, May 1 at 10:00am in the Lancaster County Central Park in Pavilion 1. This earth holiday honors Life, the season of fertility of flora and fauna on planet Earth. The earth energies arrive and we celebrate with music, fairies, the Beltane Fire, powers and elements of nature, a call to Heal the Land and Beltane royalty! Beltane is a fire festival to mark the coming of summer and the fertility in the coming year. The sun’s light and heat nurtures the future harvest as seeds explode and travel. Earth powers are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting and potent fertility on the Wheel of the Year. Be there for the Great Change! Welcome Life!

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