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Recording For Holiday Stories Around The Fire

You’re invited to contribute to the UUCL Holiday Special!

What’s a radio holiday special?

Did you know Christmas Day is a Sunday? In place of in-person or Zoom worship, Lenore, Eli, and Rev. Pat are preparing a special audio-only “radio hour” to be broadcast (i.e. emailed) into your homes on Sunday, December 25th.

Imagine a cross between a fireside story-telling session, an NPR holiday special, and community radio. It will be available on our website and social media.

Sounds fun! What do you need from me?

We’re hoping for contributions of a mix of funny and heartfelt stories, true and fictional; songs; and readings. They can be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Hanukkah, New Years, or more generally holiday-themed.

We’re seeking segments from 1 to 4 minutes long.

You can “call in” (imagine Lenore saying: “ring ring! we have a caller in to our show – so-and-so, what would you like to tell us about your holiday traditions?” and you start your recording “hello, yes, we’re calling in to share a special story!”)

Or, a pre-recorded story or song stands on its own.

How can I contribute?

Deadline to submit a recording is Tuesday, December 20, to Lenore[at]

You have 3 options for recording:

  1. Eli and Lenore will be available to record you at UUCL on Sunday, Dec. 18, starting after the holiday party – 12PM – 1:30PM. Email us to book your slot!
  2. Lenore can also schedule a Zoom call with you to help you record on Monday, Dec. 19!
  3. Or feel free to record yourself using the instructions below!

Tips for easeful story-telling:

  • You can imagine a specific child or adult as your audience. Or you can imagine telling the story to Lenore and Eli and Rev. Pat, who will be the “hosts.” Or, you can imagine you’re on a magical radio that broadcasts to UUCL members.
  • While we welcome serious and silly topics around holidays, remember that a wide group will be listening – choose a story that’s not too difficult to tell, and please keep it general audience-themed.
  • We welcome stories including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Solstice, winter, and more!

Ideas for what to record:

1) Tell a personal story, “The Moth” style. Or, interview another person (or be interviewed).

Some prompts:

  • Tell us about a time when the holidays didn’t go as you’d planned. What did you do? What kind of holiday did you end up having?
  • What’s a time when you started a new holiday tradition, or a twist on an old tradition?
  • What’s the “secret story” behind why you do a tradition the way you do?
  • What’s one way YOU celebrate the holidays that’s unique for your family?

2) Read or re-tell a favorite fictional story!

  • Please check in with Lenore to make sure we have room in our lineup!
  • We welcome stories of no more than 4 minutes.

3) Record yourself performing a piece of music!

  • We would LOVE to feature your holiday tunes! Instrumental or sung, funny or serious. Check in with Eli if you have questions.

4) Read a special prayer or poem! (We can supply you with one of our planned readings. If you have one of your own, please check in with the title before recording.)

Recording guidance:

  • Go to a quiet room without much background noise, including humming.
  • Turn a smartphone to Airplane Mode.
  • Go to the recording application (most phones include one).
  • Record ~5 seconds of ambient sound.
  • Share your name(s): Example: “hi, this is Lenore and Francis, and we’re calling in with a memory that’s special for our household! So, this one time…”
  • For each speaker, hold the microphone ~6 inches from the mouth, slightly under the mouth pointing toward the face.

When you’re done, email to Lenore[at]!

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