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Web & Wheel: February 2023 Blog

Submitted by Linda Dobbins

We feel it, we see it, we smell it as “the seeds of life lie tingling”. The arrival of February 2 turns the
Wheel to the first signs of Spring. It is a liminal moment between Winter’s darkness and Spring’s new
light. It is Imbolc, when the seeds of promise and possibility begin to enliven. This earth holiday lies
midway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox as the Earth stirs when the sun’s energy builds. It is
a fire festival, it is Candlemas, it is Brigid’s time. Great Goddess of Earth, Triple Goddess of Fire, of
healing, of smith craft, of poetry. See Her wild and red-haired stepping across the skies in brightness.
She is a fiery arrow, the leather-skirted smith striking sparks from the iron anvil of earth, healing the
hurt of all winters, lighting the green fuse. Whatever is frozen will warm; whatever is grieved will know
joy; whatever bliss is unmade will come into being. We sit in darkness until light enters….the Maiden,
carrying a candle, the flame of hope renewing land and peoples. Along the river banks swan-clans
gather; their white feathers frosted with crystal. Black water knows. Furled buds on the sycamore know.
Ewes know and let down their milk. Frozen acres know as hidden seeds begin to push. They know Brigid
has arrived. We pray the light into our hearts. We give ourselves to her transformative fire.

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