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The UUCL Personnel Committee

Our Personnel Committee has been fully reconstituted this fall. As you might guess, this Board-appointed Committee advocates for fair and just personnel policies and works to support the hiring and evaluation of staff. It is a four person committee that last year and currently has had only three members.
For a variety of reasons, all three members from last year – Kay Welty (Chair), Dave Dussinger, and Jen Steinbrecher – had to give up their seats last summer. With revisions to the UUCL Personnel Manual ongoing and all the staff comings and leavings of recent years, this was a very busy committee. Kay, Dave, and Jen should all be thanked for their service, especially Kay who provided years of stability to the personnel functions that committee serves and regularly worked with the Board and our ministers on a myriad of staffing issues.
Recently, Heather Gehron-Rice, Bette Phillips-Hershey, and Carol Lieber agreed to serve on the Personnel Committee, and their appointments were confirmed by the Board. (Heather served previously on the Personnel Committee.) Kay will be working to orient the new committee so they can take on the vital work that their predecessors so ably completed.

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