We need YOU to help UUCL bring Joy to the Polls!

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Special All Church Email Calling for Assistance at our Church For Election Day 2020
“Joy is resistance.
It is a spiritual practice of refusing to concede.
We are more fragile when we are not joyful
and when we are not celebrating each other.”

Rev. Ashley Horan
Organizing Strategy Director of the UUA

Join UUCL and National UU Visitors
Faithful Public Witness for Democracy
on Election Day!

Who: YOU! Adults, kids, UUs*, musicians, sign-holders, chalk artists…!
* Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey, President of the UUA, and Rev. Cathy Rion Starr of UU the Vote will be there with us for some of the day as part of their Election Day public witness to UUs! *

What: Joy to the Polls – Faithful Public Witness for Democracy
Handing out masks. Clapping for voters. Holding up encouraging (non-partisan) signs. Drawing with chalk. Playing music. Welcoming voters to our spiritual home!
* Physically Distanced and complying with COVID safety protocols. *

When: Tuesday, November 3rd during polling hours (7:00AM-8:00PM)
Stop by for a short time or sign up in advance for a 2-hour shift—it’s all important!

Where: Outside the UUCL Building
538 W. Chestnut Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Why: Because our First and Fifth Principles of Unitarian Universalism ask
us to support the rights of all people to have a voice–especially those who face marginalization or interference! Because our community partners and our national UU organizers are asking us to show up. Because drumming up positive energy around voting is a great way to boost turnout and to de-escalate any tensions that might occur. Because ours is a faith that welcomes.

Because it’s fun with our community, and who doesn’t need some of that right now?

Check out this article about Joy to the Polls in Philly or this video from Side With Love / UU the Vote about what faithful witness at the polls looks like!

How: There’s no specific training, talents, or supplies needed!

Sign up here to let us know when you’ll be there. If you have a specific idea for spreading joy, you can let us know at the link.

If you have a Side with Love shirt, wear it! And bundle up!

Note: You will NOT be asked to confront any potential trouble-makers: there are other people specifically detailed to do that. We just want YOU there with us to spread joy and encouragement!

Participate from work or home!
Make some non-partisan signs we can hold to encourage voting! (Ideas here.)
Watch our Facebook page for updates and share posts!
Share a post on your social media using the hashtags #JoyToThePolls #ElectionDefenders

Questions or comments? Email both Lenore (Lenore) AND Michele (mrapczyk). We’ll get back to you as quickly as quickly as we can!

Click here for additional notes and information about our UUCL action.

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Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster | 538 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, PA 17603

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